Immigration Psychological Evaluation

1. What is an immigration psychological evaluation?

They are psychological assessments done by a mental health provider and can be helpful to an immigration case that deals with Extreme Hardship Waivers, Asylum, VAWA, U-Visas, and T-Visas.

2. What should I expect during the immigration psychological evaluation process?

Interviews are done via telehealth and we will meet two times for about 90 minutes. During the interviews, I will learn about you (your behavioral, social, occupational, familial history). We may talk about some hard and emotionally difficult topics, so breaks will be incorporated in the sessions. Once we finish the second meeting, you can expect a summary of my findings (observations, assessment conclusions, possible diagnosis, recommendation for services, how mental health findings may impact their case) in a written report about 2-3 weeks later.

3. What are the expected costs associated with getting an immigration psychological evaluation done?

$1100 for 10 business day turnaround after last interview or $1500 for 5 business day turnaround after last interview. Payments can be split into two increments. 

4. How long does the process take?

Once the second session is completed, you should expect to receive a copy of the report within 2-3 weeks later.

5. Are interpreter services available?

I have a part time Spanish interpreter on staff for clients who chose to do their immigration psychological evaluation interview in Spanish starting in January 2024. For other languages than English or Spanish, clients will be responsible for hiring an interpreter.

6. I am interested in services, what should I do next?

Send me an email at